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Prospect Church
Jesus teaches in John 4:23 that the kind of worshippers that God seeks are those who will “…worship the Father in Spirit (from the heart) and truth (with no hypocrisy).” True worship must come from the heart. Worship (including worship music) that has become rote—not from the heart,-- is truly distasteful to God since God wants music AND worship from the heart. If you minister from the head, you will only reach the heads of those to whom you are trying to minister. But if you minister and sing from the heart, hearts are touched.
At the heart of the music ministry at Prospect is the belief that if those worshipping God are sincere of heart and truly focused on Him, then worship "style" is irrelevant.  For this reason, Prospect provides two different styles of worship services for those who attend:  a contemporary service that has more current-style music, and a tradiitonal service where time-honored songs are sung that have been passed down through many generations. It is our desire to lead in worship from a sincere and vulnerable heart, so that others will do and be likewise.  Of course we work to present our very best musical offerings, but our primary focus is always to glorify Jesus while singing and worshipping from the heart.

Traditional Style Worship:

At Prospect we have opportunities to worship through the music ministry for all ages. We have the Chancel Choir for adults, which typically leads during the 11:00 service; God's Cool Kids choir for children in grades preschool -5th grade. 

No previous experience is necessary to join, and all are welcomed! 

Chancel Choir. Rehearsal (year round), Wednesday evenings 7-8:30 

  • Leads worship during the 11:00 service year-round; usually presents a Christmas music program and an additional program, often around Easter.

God’s Cool Kids. Wednesday evenings 6:30-7:00

  • Meets during the school year and presents Christmas and Spring programs. Children of all ages are invited to participate.

Contemporary Style Worship:

Prospect also provides opportunities for those who are musically inclined to serve on our contemporary worship team. We have a band of musicians who play and lead our church with their musical talents weekly. The band consists regularly of: vocalists, guitar players-- both acoustic and electric, drummers, keyboardists,& bass players. We have a desire to use other instruments as well, so if yours isn't in the list, there are still opportunities to play. We rehearse regularly every week, and not only practice our musicianship, but also pray and worship together as a team. If you play and are interested in being involved, we would love to have you audition for our worship band.

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